Daily Grateful: December 3, 2013

A wonderful talk by Sam Harris.

Harris is a well-known author and neurologist. His is an urgent request that mindfulness shouldn’t just be an option, but the ultimate seizing of the day, to the greatest degree possible:

I invite you to pay attention to anything — the sight of this text, the sensation of breathing, the feeling of your body resting against your chair — for a mere sixty seconds without getting distracted by discursive thought. It sounds simple enough: Just pay attention. The truth, however, is that you will find the task impossible. If the lives of your children depended on it, you could not focus on anything — even the feeling of a knife at your throat — for more than a few seconds, before your awareness would be submerged again by the flow of thought. This forced plunge into unreality is a problem. In fact, it is the problem from which every other problem in human life appears to be made.

Read more about the importance of the present here.

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