Daily Grateful: Imperfection Made Everything Possible

March 11, 2014

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For those who meditate, it’s called “practice” for a reason–there is no perfect. There are always thoughts, doubts, and more thoughts and issues of self and dwelling in the past, rather than “re-starting” in the now. There is no perfection and, as it turns out, this is true on a cosmic level, as well. You see, after the Big Bang, all matter (then just gas) was being spread out evenly in all directions as space, time, matter, and gravity were being created. But were it not for the minutest of imperfections in the gas (some very small areas were “thinner” than others) as the universe expanded, gravity would not have had an opportunity to take hold, and bind together the matter into what we know today as our universe. So, in a sense, without imperfection, we would not exist.

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The Ancient Brain and Modern Mindfulness

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