Daily Grateful: The Beautiful Now

January 18, 2014

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I was listening to the excellent Canadian radio show “Spark” on VPR earlier today (great program if you’re into thoughtful issues surrounding tech stuff, btw), and the show featured, among other things, the winner of a contest to record the most beautiful sound in the world. I know. How is that possible? Is there such a thing? Wouldn’t that be highly subjective? Answers: It’s probably not. There is such a thing. And yes, it’s very subjective. But with all these caveats, it’s pretty clear that the contest captured some incredible sounds. Brilliant, really. Here’s a collage of the winner and several runner ups (best with a good pair of headphones!).

Aural Collage: Compilation of Sounds in the  Most Beautiful Sound in the World Contest


Spark Web site.

Julian Treasure SoundCloud Web site

Beautiful Now Web site (and more about the site below):

Beautiful Now is a place where you can discover, create, and share the most beautiful things happening in the world today. Not everyone agrees on what beauty is, but everybody wants it. BeautifulNow is curated-for-beauty across six major genres, including:

1. Arts/Design

2. Nature/Science

3. Food/Drink

4. Mind/Body

5. Soul/Impact

6. Place/Time

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