Inspirational Quotes

Quotes. Some famous, some from your humble author/editor. All, hopefully, inspirational. Enjoy.

(Have a quote you want to share? I’ll put it in a graphic and post it online! :))

JKZ - It is a way of being

tara brach 2

better whatever you are You dont need to protect Dharma tara brach 2 aristotle quote

You are Made of Stars 12.4.2013

humming bird copyright gmoreau

Music helps the musician’s brain as well as the listener’s.

GM - this moment

the long road ahead is long

Jack Kornfield quote 1.2

steve quote

12.26 meme

carlos castaneda quote

Dharma Punk Quote

imperfection suzuki quote2

words are not actions

Daily Grateful 1.31.2014

Dalai Lama - Spirtuality and Science

JK Zinn Quote

Silent Quote

Grateful Quote - G. Moreau

joseph goldstein quote

Jack Kornfield Quote - Daily Grateful 1.14

stephen hawking QUOTE

zoom zoom quote

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