Daily Grateful: Silent Hunters

March 10, 2014

Today’s Daily grateful is brought to you by Tanja Askani, an incredible photographer who lives in Germany. This one is all about one of my favorite raptors, the owl. As Tanya describes this series:

People have always been fascinated and intimidated by owls. They are revered and feared, admired and hunted down. While owls are considered the embodiment of wisdom, they are also known as bearers of bad luck and death in many cultures. As creatures of the night and dusk, they have an aura of secrecy.

As a consequence, it is not surprising that owls appear as a symbol of good and evil in many myths, folk traditions, and cultural iconographies. They have always been admired for their beauty and grace. Along with many other species, owls are endangered around the world today, as changes to their habitat has forced them to adapt to new circumstances. Today we know that owls play a crucial role in the ecological balance of their habitat. We all have a stake in preserving these majestic creatures to make sure that future generations can enjoy them as well.

The thing about owls is that it’s that they’re “silent” because their feathers are designed to decrease the sound of wind rushing through them; super fine serrated bristles ensure that the air is broken up into barely perceptible, inaudible whispers.

tanja askani

Tanja Askani – Photographer (and copyright owner of the photo). Click photo to go to her Web site.

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