The Beauty of Life: Amazing HD Video

The brain reacts to and responds to whatever you present to it, whatever, in essence, you “feed” it. Showing the brain moving, beautiful images and really absorbing them in the moment is actually good for your brain.

As Dr. Rick Hanson and others have explained, it takes more than simply thinking positively–we must “dwell” in positive experiences for the brain to really internalize positive moment and convert them into enhanced neural networks of happiness. That’s because our brains developed an innate tendency to help ensure our ancestors’ survival by focusing on the negative, or what’s referred as the brain’s “negative bias.” If you think about it, it makes intuitive sense: Remembering negative things helped avoid being eaten, beaten, or otherwise being threatened or endangered. At the other end of the spectrum, positive experiences are not as readily ingrained in our brains; it takes many more positive experiences to counter just one negative experience. So the next time you hug someone you love, scratch your pet and look them in the eyes, or just look at a beautiful sky–stay in that moment for a while. Take some time to really soak it in and give in to a mindful, focused intentional appreciation of what you’re experiencing. It’s a low-end version of meditation, and it’s actually good for you. That’s when the magic really happens in the brain. That’s when the brain creates the biological connections to increase your resilience to the negative. This happens when we interact with people we love, hug, hear music we love, or even watch videos that make us “feel good” (videos that made you tingle all over with appreciation like this one). Stay with those moments and allow yourself to dwell in them, to really absorb them. Moments like this, that show the true beauty of life (sorry about the ads)…

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The Ancient Brain and Modern Mindfulness

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